• Partnerships

    Richardson & StarlingDamp Proofing Scottish Borders

    Keith Rennie Ltd work in close partnership with Richardson & Starling.

    Richardson & Starling are celebrating 77 years as damp proofing, wood preservation and timber decay specialists in Scotland and the North of England.

    Richardson & Starling are about quality and guaranteed workmanship in the eradication of wood rot, woodworm, and damp, as well as making sure your property is waterproof with basement waterproofing and your windows have our Window Care Repair Systems.

    A guarantee that Richardson and Starling will be there taking care of your property. Our aim is to give you good customer satisfaction, whether the job is big or small.

    Our fully trained and experienced staff will deal with your initial enquiry arranging a comprehensive property survey by one of our Institute of Wood science qualified surveyors. This will be supported by a report detailing our findings and will include recommendations for eradication and repair.

    Finally our works are supported by an insurable 30-year guarantee with remaining untreated parts of your property covered by our whole house insurance scheme.

    For more information, visit www.richardsonandstarling.co.uk


    Property Care AssociationDamp Proofing Scottish Borders

    Richardson & Starling is a member of the Property Care Association (formerly the British Wood Preserving and Damp-proofing Association).

    The Property Care Association (PCA) is the largest association of its kind in Europe. The nationally recognised authority on timber and damp problems, it deals with all the relevant government departments and remains at the forefront of developments in this areas. Members include manufacturers and distributors of preservatives and damp control products, flame retardants and timber treatment plants; producers and users of treated timber and specialists in remedial timber treatment and damp proofing; universities, colleges, learned societies and research organisations in the UK and worldwide; independent consultants and private members.

    The PCA has set the standards for timber treatment and damp-proofing companies operating in the UK and overseas. Becoming a member of the Association requires much more than basic ability. All contractors must not only satisfy stringent tests on their skills, methodology and knowledge of safety and environmental legislation, but also on their financial soundness. They work to an OFT-approved Code of Practice and must regularly demonstrate that these standards are being maintained. The association operates an Arbitration Scheme in the event of a complaint arising.

    For more information, visit www.property-care.org

    Trustmark Damp Proofing Scottish Borders

    TrustMark is the scheme supported by the Government, consumer groups and building industry to help members of the public find reputable firms to do repair, maintenance and improvement work inside and outside a home.

    In order to support this important government initiative the PCA become one of the founder scheme operators. Because of the high standards of service and quality that is expected from PCA members we were then able to extend the offer of TrustMark accreditation to all members.

    In order for the PCA to be awarded a TrustMark operators licence, we were subjected to an extensive, detailed vetting and certification process. This regulation of PCA’s activities is ongoing and involves annual inspections from the TrustMark quality manager.

    • TrustMark is an independent initiative created jointly by Government, industry and consumer groups.
    • TrustMark is designed to give increased consumer protection to people having work done in and around their homes.
    • TrustMark provides a single logo to look out for – a logo you can trust.
    • TrustMark registered firms are reputable tradespeople.
    • TrustMark is growing – there are thousands of registered firms accessible via TrustMark right now and the number and range of tradespeople will increase all the time.

    PCA is committed to TrustMark in order to promote and support its members and their customers with the continued support of the Government, Trading Standards and other consumer groups. It will mean that consumers will never have to run the risk of hiring a rogue trader or cowboy builder.

    For more information, visit www.trustmark.org.uk