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Basement Waterproofing/Tanking

The alternative to moving house may be to expand and use areas of your property that are underground. In many cases this can be achieved by the introduction of Basement Waterproofing. In the past, many different systems have tried and, in most cases, failed to deal with the problem of creating a dry environment, either partially or completely below ground level. Most of these systems were wet systems i.e. they were applied as slurry direct to the wall. They relied on holding the water back under pressure and often failed due to poor drainage and workmanship.

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Membrane Systems

Cavity Drainage Systems

Cavity Drainage Systems are different. Rather that holding the water back, it is channeled away, ensuring that the internal wall surfaces remain dry.

With the use of a pump they can be incorporated into systems that can cope with even the wettest conditions in previously untreatable basements.

As you can see from the pictures, basement waterproofing and tanking can be used to create rooms in otherwise forgotten areas, increasing both domestic and commercial floor space, values and improving sales potential.

CSSW Qualified

As the specification of these types of works is all important, you will be pleased to know that I am one of the few people within the industry to be CSSW Qualified.

The industry has started now to look at basement waterproofing in a different way. Because I am CSSW Qualified, I can specify and ensure works are carried out correctly. I can also offer back-up guarantees.

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