Damp Proofing, Timber Treatment & Woodworm Expert in the Scottish Borders

Working from Hawick, Keith Rennie Ltd covers the Scottish Borders and north Northumberland – offering rising damp proofing, timber treatment and woodworm control.

Damp Proofing Scottish Borders
Timber Decay Treatment
Woodworm Treatment Scottish Borders

Over 30 Years Experience

I have been surveying for over thirty years throughout the Scottish borders. My experience ranges from stately homes through to one-bedroom flats. My clients can be assured of is that they will receive exactly the same high standard of professionalism and courtesy no matter the size or type of property.

As an independent surveyor the one Guarantee that you have is that you will get honest, unbiased and friendly advice. I look forward to being of service. As an expert in my field, i guarantee that your survey will be carried out in a friendly and courteous manner and with the utmost respect for you and your property.

I’m always happy to discuss your requirements and answer questions. If you’d like to ask me anything please feel free to give me a call, send an email or use the form to get in touch.

Our Specialities

Damp Proofing /Damp Related Defects
Fungal Decay
Condensation Control
Rainwater water Ingress
Basement Waterproofing
Damp Proofing Scottish Borders

Rising Damp Treatment

Particularly common in older buildings, rising damp is probably the most common problem I am asked to investigate. Caused by moisture rising by capillary action through the stone/brickwork, it can cause secondary problems such as dry/wet rot and salt contamination to plaster.
Timber Decay Treatment

Timber Decay Treatment

Many factors can cause decay to timbers within buildings. However, there are two common factors which all rot stems need for growth and without which it cannot sustain growth, namely: water and a food source (timber).
Woodworm Treatment Scottish Borders

Woodworm Treatment

The Common Furniture Beetle lives in a three-year cycle. For the first six to eight weeks it is in an egg form, emerging as larvae which then go on to feed on the timber for the next two to three years. Eventually the larvae pupates and changes to an adult beetle which then eats its way to the surface to fly off and find a mate, before the whole process starts again.

Do You Have Damp?

Damp problems and timber decay can damage the value of your property and seriously impact your health. Across Scotland, damp is a real issue for thousands of households, with an estimated 20% of children living in homes with condensation and dampness.

Whether your home or business premises is at risk, Keith Rennie Ltd. specialises in Scottish Borders damp-proofing treatments as well as treatments for properties in the Lothians and Northumberland area. Rising damp, leaks and condensation can affect the quality of your property too, encouraging the growth of moulds and mites.

As well as being a health risk, damp can lead to dry rot and wet rot, weakening the structure and aesthetics of a building. This can cost property owners heavily in the future if prevention and an early cure are not invested in, both in terms of depreciation of a property’s value and rising costs of repairs. We deliver damp proofing rescues, repairs and protection in the Scottish Borders, the Lothians, Berwick upon Tweed and Northumberland.

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About Keith Rennie Ltd

Born and bred in Hawick, Keith Rennie has earned a solid reputation in Scotland as an experienced damp proofing and timber treatment specialist. His local knowledge of Scottish architecture, buildings and humidity and moisture control issues is second-to-none.

With 30 years’ experience under his belt, Keith is highly qualified in damp treatment applications and treating rising damp.

He is trained to a high level and is a CSRT (Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatments) and CSSW (Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing). He also treats wet rot, dry rot and timber decay and protects against woodworm.
Keith Rennie