Penetrating Damp Treatment

Lateral/Penetrating Damp Treatment

Penetrating damp is usually a result of leaking down pipes and gutters or roof related issues, or porous building material, allowing water to get into the building causing the walls to become wet. Lateral/penetrating damp usually presents on external walls, increasing after periods of heavy rain, in the form of patches of damp. This results in internal staining to the plaster or even salt contamination from the stonework, as well as mildew buildup and wet patches on ceilings.

Salt contaminated plaster should be removed and re-plastered. If left untreated, it can often result in dry and wet rot to large joists or lintels within the area. It is always required to remove the source of the moisture and resolve the problem or, in certain circumstances, repair the damage to ensure a safe, reliable penetrating damp treatment. We often recommend using membrane systems when dealing with the treatment of lateral/penetrating damp.

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Lateral Penetration

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