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Damp Proofing And Treatment Services

Born and bred in Hawick, Keith Rennie has earned a solid reputation in Scotland as an experienced damp proofing and timber treatment specialist. His local knowledge of Scottish architecture, buildings and humidity and moisture control issues is second-to-none.


You will receive a detailed report identifying all damp related defects, the cause and the solution along with a full inspection of all accessible structural timbers.
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Timber Preservation

Accurate diagnoses allow accurate treatment or remedial measures.
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Rising Damp Treatment

In most circumstances, rising damp treatment takes the form of an injection of a chemical damp proof course and the removal and renewal of the affected plaster, but other solutions are also available.
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Penetrating Damp Treatment

Penetrating damp is usually a result of leaking down pipes and gutters or roof related issues, or porous building material, allowing water to get into the building causing the walls to become wet.
Condensation Control

Condensation Control

The main way of implementing condensation control is to look at ways of reducing the amount of moisture being created in the property from sources such as showers, cooking and drying clothes. These steps, coupled with increased ventilation often prove sufficient, however occasionally further action may be needed.
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Basement Waterproofing

The alternative to moving house may be to expand and use areas of your property that are underground. In many cases this can be achieved by the introduction of Basement Waterproofing.
Timber Decay Treatment

Timber Decay Treatment

Many factors can cause decay to timbers within buildings. However, there are two common factors which all rot stems need for growth and without which it cannot sustain growth, namely: water and a food source (timber).
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Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm is treated by spraying the timbers with a water-based insecticide. This coats the surface of the timbers and produces a layer of residual fluid which will remain in place to ensure that any woodworm eating their way out of the timber will become sterile and therefore unable to breed.
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Epoxy Resin Repairs

Although some timber repair jobs require a full strip of the building fabric, we can, in some circumstances provide alternative specifications which may allow the problem to be solved without the need for costly reinstatement works.

Property Services

Inspections are arranged at your convenience for both residential and commercial properties. Surveys are carried out with visual inspections, without any interruption or invasive techniques. Meters are used to check for timber decay and damp issues, identifying if any waterproofing treatments are required.

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Keith Rennie Ltd. offers damp surveys and rising damp treatment across the Scottish Borders, north Northumberland, so if you’d like to have your property assessed or receive a quote, please get in touch today.

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