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Identifying All Damp Related Defects

You will receive a detailed report identifying all damp related defects, the cause and the solution along with a full inspection of all accessible structural timbers reporting on not only those affected by wood-decaying fungi or wood-boring insect but also identifying any timbers at risk.

The report is supported by accompanying sketches and for ease of identification. Where possible you will receive an accurate indication of the likely cost of identified remedial works to allow you to prepare an accurate budget prior to purchase. This survey can be extended to cover include items such as floor investigations if required.

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Accurate diagnoses of both wood-decaying fungi and wood-boring beetle are essential if the correct treatment is going to be recommended and ultimately be successful.


Contrary to popular belief not all instances of fungal decay are the result of the dreaded Dry Rot. Various wet rots are regularly misdiagnosed as dry rot, resulting in unnecessary costly and disruptive remedial work. Likewise, not all wood-boring insect infestations do warrant chemical or other forms of treatment.

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