Property Surveys

FREE Advice From A Certified Surveyor

Keith Rennie Ltd. offers, no-obligation property surveys with damp and timber problem diagnosis and bespoke solutions at attractive, competitive rates. If you suspect your property has a damp issue and may need waterproofing against leaks, condensation and rising damp, such as basement waterproofing or basement tanking, then you need to take action NOW! Take advantage of our FREE telephone advice on waterproofing solutions and timber treatments.

Qualified Survey

Damp proofing and waterproofing surveys are carried out personally by Keith Rennie who holds industry-recognised qualifications which few damp and timber specialists in the area have achieved:

  • CSRT (Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatments)
  • CSSW (Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing)

Property Inspection

  • Inspections are arranged at your convenience for both residential and commercial properties. Surveys are carried out with visual inspections, without any interruption or invasive techniques. Meters are used to check for timber decay and damp issues, identifying if any waterproofing treatments are required.
  • Inspections can last between 45 minutes – 2 hours or more, depending on the property size and the severity of problems such as rising damp, dry rot, wet rot and woodworm.
  • If a more in-depth survey is required, this is arranged with your permission and to suit your budget and availability.

Detailed Reports

  • An in-depth analysis of the results of a property survey is presented to all potential Keith Rennie Ltd. customers. This gives a general overview of the inspection findings, including a comprehensive list of each individual damp and timber problem detected.
  • The report also details solutions available and the costs of each of these individually, with options listed where available. This gives you a customised report and plan of action for your requirements, as well as an order of priority list earmarking waterproofing and timber treatments that require urgent attention.

On Site Quotes

  • With the majority of property surveys, customers are given an appraisal of any waterproofing needs, such as basement waterproofing or rising damp remedies, with an immediate on-site quote. This is followed up by a bespoke report listing issues, solutions and costs in more detail.
  • Advice can be given on prioritising solutions with multiple or large issues.
  • Budget advice can be given with bigger property projects and contractor quotes and tradespeople meetings can be arranged by Keith.

Comprehensive Guarantee

  • Keith Rennie Ltd. offers a fixed 30 year guarantee on damp treatments, water proofing and timber work, which in many cases exceeds industry standard.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

  • Reports and quotes for flooding and water damage can be prepared by Keith Rennie Ltd., with direct payments for insurance companies arranged too.

Dispute Resolution

  • In the event that you think you have a problem not being addressed by your contractor, we can facilitate meetings and advise on the problems helping to move to resolution.