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Accurate diagnoses allow accurate treatment or remedial measures. Often the infestation is inactive and requires no treatment at all work and why they may not work.

Having a professional survey carried out by a qualified Surveyor will ensure that the use of harmful chemicals is kept to a minimum whilst achieving maximum results. I have no vested interest in creating work or finding work for the client. I will provide an honest assessment of the condition of the timbers and recommend the appropriate remedial work as necessary.

With over 30 years experience as a Damp & Timber surveyor, I am recognised as one of the Scottish borders most experienced Specialist Surveyors

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Damp Proofing Edinburgh
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Professional Advice

Most of my career has been spent investigating and providing solutions to damp related issues in buildings ranging from stately homes through to two up two down terraced houses. The size and stature of the property are unimportant. It is the people that occupy them that are important. They rely on professional advice to provide a realistic and honest solution to the problems that they are experiencing. I have always strived to ensure that I deliver a personal, professional, and honest opinion when carrying out a survey. As a result of my experience within the industry, I have been fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to share some of the knowledge.

I have carried out over 25,000 surveys to date. The range of properties has been diverse in the extreme. I have worked on numerous castles, stately homes, public buildings, one-bedroom flats and even a water tank. The experience that I have gained from each has been invaluable. The knowledge that I have gained via working with a diverse range of professionals has also been extremely beneficial.

Mould Growth And Damp Staining Is Often The First Sign Of Condensation

Condensation is likely to occur if either the heating or ventilation is deficient. The result is often mould growth on cold surfaces. Typically found around windows and doors, behind furniture and in cupboards in rooms where there is poor heating/ventilation. An accurate diagnosis of the contributing factors is essential and this involves an assessment of the type of construction, the number of occupants and their lifestyle, assessment of the heating and ventilation as well as the collection of other important data, all of which will build an accurate picture of the cause of the condensation and leads us to the most suitable remedies. Accurate and in-depth diagnosis by our qualified surveyor removes the guesswork and leads to a healthier environment for the occupiers.

I am an expert in diagnosing all damp-related issues. Contact us now to arrange a damp survey by our local damp expert.

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Keith Rennie Ltd. offers damp surveys and rising damp treatment across the Scottish Borders, north Northumberland & the Lothians, so if you’d like to have your property assessed or receive a quote, please get in touch today.

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