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Rising Damp Treatment

Rising Damp Is Probably The Most Common Problem

Particularly common in older buildings, rising damp is probably the most common problem I am asked to investigate. Caused by moisture rising by capillary action through the stone/brickwork, it can cause secondary problems such as dry/wet rot and salt contamination to plaster.

In most circumstances, rising damp treatment takes the form of an injection of a chemical damp proof course and the removal and renewal of the affected plaster, but other solutions are also available:

Keith Rennie

Rising Damp

Membrane Systems

Fixed directly to the wall using proprietary fixings, the membrane damp proofing systems have many advantages over conventional systems namely:

  • you do not need to wait 6 months before you decorate
  • it has the ability to deal with penetrating damp caused by high ground levels

This system is similar to our basement waterproofing system.

Timber Decay Treatment

This process involves passing a charge through a titanium wire which is linked to a series of anodes and earthed using a ground rod.

This system has the advantage of being faster to install and is reversible. This makes it particularly effective when dealing with listed/historic buildings which may allow chemical injection.

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