Condensation ControlCondensation Control Scottish Borders

Condensation is caused by a lack of heating, ventilation and/or insulation. Often misdiagnosed as rising damp this can prove to be a very expensive mistake.  In fact, condensation can cause mould growth – on carpets, clothes and wallpaper, heat loss through damp walls, not to mention health implications. What is a relatively easy problem to solve can become a major headache if not dealt with effectively.  It is important that the problem is diagnosed and the correct steps are taken to reduce humidity.

Condensation is caused by the saturation of air particles with water.  When the air is not able to absorb any further moisture it deposits moisture vapour on to cold surfaces where it condenses and produces mould. The main way of implementing condensation control is to look at ways of reducing the amount of moisture being created in the property from sources such as showers, cooking and drying clothes. These steps, coupled with increased ventilation often prove sufficient, however occasionally further action may be needed.

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