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Epoxy Resin Repairs: Revitalise Your Woodwork

Damaged woodwork?

Repairing damaged woodwork can be a costly and messy endeavour, leaving you with a large bill to pay and a headache to match! However, it is not always necessary to fully remove and replace woodwork in order to make a sturdy, safe and eye-pleasing repair. Repairs by this method are typically seen in roofing structures, but also in flooring and other timber structures.

Epoxy resin is a durable and flexible wood replacement solution that when used correctly, can revitalise wood that has been damaged by rot, age or exposure to the elements. There are two main applications for epoxy resin: structural repairs and cosmetic repairs.

Where localised damage to structural timber has taken place as a result of insect infestation or rot, a timber splice resin with reinforcement rods can be affixed as a replacement for the damaged wood and affixed to the remaining healthy timbers, retaining the load distribution ensuring that the structure is sturdy and safe.

Epoxy resin is also ideal for cosmetic repairs to damaged or degraded timbers. Unlike generic wood fillers, epoxy resin will not crack or fall out as it is designed to flex with the wood and is incredibly sticky. Once applied, it can be sanded, grained and finished to match the existing structures, meaning that the repairs look flawless.

Where this can be particularly useful is in old buildings such as churches, where woodwork may be ornate and incredibly difficult to entirely replace, particularly if the buildings are “listed” or protected. Instead the damaged part of the wood can be repaired with epoxy resin.

There are multiple benefits to using epoxy resin for your timber repairs, firstly there is the reduced need for large scale repairs for a small problem. Secondly is the durability of the repair. Epoxy resin is resistant to insect attack, and will not rot, therefore the chances of a repeat repair being required over time is reduced massively.

Thinking about an epoxy resin timber repair? Get Keith Rennie to assess your property, he will thoroughly survey the damaged timber and make a full assessment on works required to repair any damage. Contact Keith Rennie today!