Condensation Control

What is Condensation Control?

Condensation Issues?

It has been reported that around 70% of problems associated with damp in the home are as a result of condensation, however few are aware that condensation is the problem, instead blaming it on issues such as rising or penetrating damp.

Condensation occurs when there is a considerable imbalance between heating and ventilation within the home, resulting in higher than optimum levels of humidity, or moisture in the air. In the evening, when the temperature drops, the moisture in the air turns to liquid and is often deposited on windows and walls in the form of condensation.

How can you tell if you may have a problem with excessive condensation? Well, you may have opened your curtains in the morning to discover “steamy” windows, have noticed mould growing on your walls, window frames or even furniture, mildew accumulation in the bathroom, or even peeling wallpaper and damp plaster.

Left unchecked, this regular accumulation of condensation can lead to multiple problems. Damage to furniture, walls, woodwork, carpets and curtains can leave you with a large bill for replacement, not the mention the health issues, particularly respiratory problems, that are also associated with high condensation levels.

What can you do about condensation? Well, many people choose to run a dehumidifier in their home, which extracts the moisture from the air. This can be effective, however running one long term is not only costly, but is merely treating the symptoms rather than finding the cure.

Condensation can be reduced by ensuring that homes are always well ventilated, particularly in areas where high levels of moisture are put into the air such as kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. Installation of extractor fans is often a recommended action, as these will remove moisture from the air quickly and effectively at the point of use.

If issues with condensation are seen throughout the property, a whole house condensation control solution may be recommended. Whole house condensation units ventilate the property with clean filtered air, diluting the level of humidity and contaminants in the air, thereby creating a healthier living environment.

Think you may have condensation issues? Get in touch with Keith today! He can help assess the situation and diagnose whatever problems you may have.